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Closeup of Car Mechanic Repairing Brake Pads


The Brake system on your vehicle is the most essential safety system in your car. When you have a problem or if it’s time to have them inspected, have our trained technicians perform a complete inspection of your brake system. We will be able to help determine what is needed and how to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Having your brakes checked on a regular basis will not only save you time and money but will ensure that they are working and performing correctly as the manufacturer designed them. If they start to fail due to neglect, it can lead to poor brake performance, safety issues and may end up costing your more in the long run.

Our trained technicians understand your vehicle’s brake system and can spot potential problems before they happen. This can help prevent loss of brakes, poor performance and costly repairs in the future.

Man with Brand New Tire Ready For Installation


Tires are the link between your vehicle and the road you drive on. Don’t let your tires be the reason you have a safety issue. Low tire tread or poor tire condition can cause traction and control problems. Low tire pressure can influence fuel mileage and tire life. We can inspect your tires and provide you with the information you need to make sure they are 100% ready.

Tire need to be in checked regularly to make sure they have adequate tread, are in good condition and not dry rotting. If your tires have splits or cracks that is a sign they may fail and cause a safety issue. If your tire is wearing uneven that may be a sign that you have a steering or suspension problem causing premature wear and shortening the life of your tires.

Having good tires on your vehicle is one of the main elements that should be maintained in your car. Having tire problems can lead to many problems like poor fuel mileage, traction and control issues, flat tires. Having them inspected and maintained on a regular basis will help eliminate these potential problems.

Exhaust of Car on Bridge at Auto Repair Shop with Mechanic Underneath


The exhaust system on your vehicle is a safety system as well as the way the engine gets exhaust to exit outside the car. The exhaust from your car is a poisonous gas, if the vehicles exhaust system has a leak, this could allow exhaust fumes to enter the passenger compartment and cause health issues with the occupants. We can inspect the complete system and make sure it is ok and performing the way it was designed

Problems with your exhaust system can be minor or significant; they can be a noise, a performance issue. Let us take a look at the system and determine what is causing the problem. We have the experience and technicians to be able to repair whatever is wrong with your exhaust system.

Exhaust system problems can lead to fumes and odors entering the passenger compartment to performance and starting problems. When you are experiencing a problem with the exhaust on your vehicle let us determine what is wrong and provide you with the correct way to repair it and get you back on the road safely.

Close Up of Shock on Automobile

Steering and Suspension

The steering and suspension systems on your vehicle help maintain control, ride, and handling of your vehicle. Any problems with these systems can result in safety issues, tire wear, poor ride, and handling. When you experience a problem with any of these things, let us perform a complete inspection and determine what is wrong and what needs to be done to get your vehicle back driving and riding the way it should be.

Problems with the steering and suspension systems can be anything from noise to the vehicle pulling hard when driving to uneven tire wear. These problems can lead to safety issues, poor performance, handling and more expensive repairs down the road. Our technicians can inspect and determine what is going on and repair your vehicle and get it back to safe working condition.

When you have problems with the steering and or the suspension systems on your vehicle, you may experience noise, pulling to the left or right when driving, uneven tire wear just to name a few. Our technicians can diagnose the concerns you have and provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate to get your vehicle back to safe working order.

Mechanic Working Under Hood of Car Wearing White and Blue Gloves

Preventive Maintenance

More cars these days do not require a lot of maintenance, and we have gotten into the habit of not having our vehicles serviced on a regular basis now. Your vehicle still needs to be maintained regularly. Your vehicle owner manual will tell you what is required and when. The more you stay on top of this the less likelihood of unexpected breakdowns will occur.

Performing regular preventative maintenance on your vehicle will not only help prevent breakdowns and added expenses to owning it. It will help maintain the value of your car. These maintenance services can be anything from regular oil changes to tire rotation, filter checks, and any other recommended services by the manufacturer. Be sure to ask us how we can help you maintain your vehicle to keep it in the best working condition.

Preventive maintenance on your vehicle will help you keep operating cost down, help prevent breakdowns and having unexpected expense’s when you least expect them. Just keeping the filters clean and maintaining tire pressures will help with fuel economy and save you money. We provide manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules and can provide you with what is needed to keep your vehicle running its best.

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